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HOH Lounge

HOH Lounge has been curated to uniquely fuse well known classics into a smooth, luxurious beach sound. This versatile sound makes a perfect experience for those looking to create a subtle, but powerful ambience.

The HOH Lounge set is created to mesmerise listeners with a scintillating fuse of nostalgic classics, Latin styles and soulful beach vibes, creating a relaxing, uplifting atmosphere which will enchant guests. The packages are flexible and tailored to each and every event whether it be poolside in the sun, perched upon golden sands or in the relaxing breeze of a scarlet sunset.

Our unique sound is an invigorating blend of stings, horns, vocals, percussion with our DJ bringing it all together. HOH Lounge in its entity consists of our incredible artists, hand selected as some of the finest female instrumentalists and vocalists the world over. This experience is not purely through sound waves. Visually unique in its own right, our events take guests to a new dimension, one that pleases the senses and creates an atmosphere with endless possibilities for any event.